Digital Marketing

May 15, 2016

Digital MarketingWe have years of experience and proven skills in Digital Marketing which you can just call it marketing in this era! With search engine optimization (SEO), creating/managing your Social Media platforms, and creating targeted advertising campaigns we can start or rapidly help improving your business.

  • Improving SEO by applying and matching top keywords with content, using Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and other tools to evaluate and adjust until successfully reaching targeted search ranks. Check our Portfolio for live examples.
  • Using SEM, Social Media, Google My Business and more to drive traffic and increase awareness. And with communications skills can develop business relationships with related websites, blogs and forums.
  • Creating and managing Social Media; Facebook pages, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more to increase business.
  • Integrating Social Media APIs for all different Social Media setups.
  • Managing Social Media and handling the client/customer questions and comments, or forward them to assigned departments.
  • Creating email marketing campaigns/newsletters (MailChimp/etc).
  • Adding businesses to Google Maps, or local listings/classifieds similar websites.
  • Starting and managing targeted advertising campaigns (CPC/CPM/CPV) with Google AdWords, Facebook for Business, etc.
  • And more digital marketing features… Check our Web Development services and see how can we start with developing your website.
  • Check our Portfolio and Contact Us for more information.

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